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King-Glue OEM High-Quality Eyelashes Glue

Cyberlashes Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue. Therefore, we would like to share with you some information about fake and real glue in the following article.

A high-quality eyelash glue will be a very useful product. It is used to connect artificial eyelashes with real eyelashes and gives us a long, curled eyelash that attracts many people. However, because beauticians will apply eyelash glue directly to their eye area, we need to know how to choose safe products. So, how do you differentiate high-quality eyelash glue from low-quality eyelash glue? Cyberlashes Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue and will share with you the valuable information in the article below.

What is eyelash glue? Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue?

Eyelash glue is one of the most important eyelash extensions. It is used to attach artificial eyelashes to real eyelashes. Thanks to eyelash glue, our lashes will curl, length and look more attractive. In addition, eyelash glue is also understood as an adhesive, helping artificial eyelashes to be attached more perfectly on your eyes.

We Produce Private Label Eyelash Glue And Are Supported By Customer
We Produce Private Label Eyelash Glue And Are Supported By Customer

Eyelash glue are an important tool that we can use to connect artificial eyelashes to your real eyelashes

There are quite a few types of eyelash glue on the market today that you can refer to below:

• Thin Eyelash glue: Thin eyelash glue often brings convenience and safety to our eyes.

• Gel glue: Gel glue possesses extremely fast drying speed. Thanks to this product, the beautician can save quite a lot of time.

• Eyelash glue that does not cause eye stinging: Eyelash glue that does not cause eye stinging is currently loved by many people and considered to be the most popular products on the market today because they are very safe for the eye area of ​​customers.

• Durable Eyelash glue: This type of eyelash glue can hold the client’s lashes above the eye for up to 6 weeks.

• Volume glue: Volume glue is a specialized glue, exclusively for customers who want to use Volume eyelashes. This glue has extremely good adhesion.

• 3D Eyelash glue: 3D eyelash glue has many features, making eyes sharper and more attractive.

King-Glue OEM High-Quality Eyelashes Glue
Cyberlashes Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue, Shares Something

There are many different types of eyelash glue that you can use to beautify

Besides, eyelash glue can also be divided into two categories based on color:

• Black eyelash extensions: Many customers like black lashes. This line of black eyelash extensions will give customers an impressive set of black lashes

• Transparent eyelash extensions: Some customers have natural brown lashes. At this point, transparent eyelash extensions are the best solution. Because the transparent eyelash extension glue won’t make the black client’s eyelashes unattractive.

Have you ever wondered how to choose high quality eyelash glue when there are so many fake products on the market? Cyberlashes is a reputable eyelash glue maker. Cyberlashes produces high-quality eyelash glue and wants to share with you how to choose high-quality eyelash glue below.

Cyberlashes Produces High-quality Eyelash glue and guides customers to distinguish real and fake eyelashes

How to distinguish real and fake eyelash glue is the question of many customers coming to Cyber ​​Lashes. Cyberlashes Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue and realizes that we need to help our customers, advise and share some important information with them.

As you probably didn’t know, there are many different types of eyelash glue on the market. There are products from Korea or from China. According to customer feedback, Chinese eyelash glue has poor quality and are imitations of genuine Korean and Japanese products. So, Cyberlashes often recommends that customers should use genuine eyelash glue products to ensure their own safety.

Eyelash Glue Manufacturing Company Evaluates Good Eyelashes Glue
Eyelash Glue Manufacturing Company Evaluates Good Eyelashes Glue

Cyber ​​Lashes produces high-quality eyelash glue for the market

Currently, Cyberlashes Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue.

All of our products are made from safe, Korean-sourced ingredients. We also produce OEM high quality eyelash glue. Every product of Cyberlashes goes through a very rigorous testing process. Therefore, customers can have absolute peace of mind when buying and using our eyelash glue.

On the other hand, Cyberlashes also Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue in Taiwan and Produces High-Quality Eyelash Glue in Vietnam. So, we recognize the importance of distinguishing real and fake products. We hope that our way to distinguish real and fake eyelash glue below will help you.

Criteria Real glue Fake glue
Distributor Usually distributed by reputable units. You can be 100% sure that reputable eyelash glue in the market will provide you with a genuine eyelash glue. The product will also be warranted and safe for the user. Often sold rampantly in small stores, even on the roadside.
Price Often has higher prices. Not all the price of all eyelash glue is high, but compared to fake eyelash glue of the same type, good quality eyelash glue always has a higher price. Prices are usually quite cheaper.
Quality Do not dry out in hot and humid weather. If you know how to preserve it, the product can be used for a long time. False eyelash glue is prone to drying out after using.

Before buying any eyelash glue, check the quality control stamps and their warranty period. In addition, in order for high-quality eyelashe glue to last well over time, we must also know how to store them properly, we must also know how to store them properly.

How to preserve eyelash glue?

How to preserve eyelash glue? Let Cyberlashes follow the preservation that Cyberlashes shares below.

• Whether or not the eyelash glue opened or hasn’t opened, keep them in a cool place. Eyelash glue should not be exposed to direct sunlight. You can keep the eyelash glue in the refrigerator.

• You should not let the glue stick to the top of the bottle. This will prevent you from sealing the bottle. When taking the glue, you should not cover it immediately, you must clean the glue neck thoroughly and then cover it.

• It is a good idea to put the eyelash glue in the storage bag before you put the eyelash glue in the refrigerator.

• Always close the lid quickly after opening.

• Do not let water or other liquid get into the eyelash glue.

Basically, Cyberlashes has shared for you quite important information about eyelash glue. Hopefully, after this article, you understand more about eyelash glue and know how to distinguish real eyelash glue from fake eyelash glue. If you want to learn more, buy Cyberlashes eyelash glue, please contact us

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