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Things To Know When Cyber Lashes Produce High Quality Eyelashes

To own good, suitable products, you need to know about eyelash extensions when Cyberlashes Produce High Quality Eyelashes in the article below.

Certainly, we always want to have long lashes anytime, anywhere, even when we have just woken up. Plus, we don’t want to spend too much time each morning on makeup and use mascara. For that reason, before buying an artificial eyelash product, you need to know some important information about artificial eyelashes when Cyberlashes Produce High Quality Eyelashes to choose a more accurate product.

What is eyelash extension?

Eyelash extensions are the process of increasing the length and thickness of the eyelashes. This process makes the eyes stand out and still look natural. During eyelash extensions, each lash can be made from synthetic or natural lashes. They will be attached to the actual eyelash by using eyelash glue.

What material is the eyelash made of?

The eyelashes can be made of synthetic fiber, silk or mink fur. Artificial eyelashes made from mink fur are usually soft, smooth, and light like real lashes. Therefore, the companies often give priority to Produce High Quality Eyelashes that are made of mink fur. The artificial eyelashes made from mink fur do not put pressure on the actual lashes during extensions. Of course, the costs that the units need to Produce High Quality Eyelashes like artificial mink eyelashes are quite high. On the market today, artificial eyelashes made from synthetic fibers or made from silk are cheaper.

Hình ảnh (The quality of these artificial eyelashes is not inferior to the quality of the artificial eyelashes made from mink fur)

How will artificial eyelashes be attached to real lashes?

Firstly, the esthetician will give you some eyelash extensions with different lengths. Usually, you will have to choose the right eyelash material, length, as well as curvature. The estheticians will advise and find the best type of lashes for your face.

If you are looking for naturally seductive eyes, your esthetician will recommend connecting about 80 to 90 strands per eye. Different types of eyelashes have different effects. Artificial eyelashes made from mink fur will be softer and lighter. Meanwhile, artificial eyelashes made from silk give you an impressive look.

Once you find the right eyelash extension technique, the eyelash technician will clean the client’s lashes clean then fix the bottom eyelash with 2 layers of tape and apply the eyelash extension.

The process of eyelashes extensions can be completed in about 60-90 minutes. The esthetician will use dedicated eyelash extension tweezers to separate real eyelashes. Then, they will use another specialized eyelash tweezer to pick up the eyelash extensions, apply eyelash glue and stick the artificial eyelashes on each real eyelash. It will take a few seconds for real and artificial eyelashes to stick together.

Hình ảnh (Depending on the condition of the eyelashes, the extensions will have a certain length and thickness to match the overall look)

Reliability of eyelash extensions

On average, women lose about 20 eyelashes a week. So that, about half of the eyelash extensions will fall out in about a month.

Things you need to pay attention after extend eyelashes

After you have eyelashes extensions, you should stay out of the water for about 12 – 24 hours. Eyelashes can fall out if exposed to water. You will have to re-apply your extensions every two or three weeks.

Risks may occur with eyelash extensions

In rare cases, the newly exposed skin may be irritated or allergic to chemicals such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is the chemical in eyelash glue. Some tools that estheticians used during eyelash extensions can cause eye infections if they are not cleaned properly. Artificial eyelashes can be a source of infection. In other cases, if you do too much extension, the actual eyelash may fall off more than usual and affect the growth of the eyelashes.

Advantages and disadvantages of Produce High Quality Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions will help you own a new, more perfect look. However, this process also possesses other advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of eyelash extensions:

– Instantly Change Your Look: Most beauty trends change over time. However, owning a long and curved line of eyelashes is always a beauty trend that everyone is aiming for. Whenever you show up, you will be perfect with wonderful eyelashes.

– Save time on daily makeup: With eyelashes, you won’t waste time every morning to apply fake eyelashes, and brush mascara. Now every morning you wake up, you will always be perfect with your dream lashes.

Hình ảnh (Eyelash extensions have advantages and also have disadvantages)

Disadvantages of eyelash extensions:

– Always Needs Care: You always have to take care of your extensions. Because, we want it perfect at all times. This means you will always have to go to the salon every three or four weeks to refill your lashes.

– High cost: Every beauty method requires a certain amount of care, including extensions. Usually, it costs from $150 to $500 to have the perfect eyelash line. In addition, you also need to pay an amount ranging from $50 to $100 to care again every 2 or 3 weeks.

Cyberashes knows the above information to Produce High Quality Eyelashes

High-quality eyelash products often have very strict standards. Therefore, to Produce High Quality Eyelashes, Cyberlashes must always know the above information, including eyelash extensions, types of eyelashes on the market, the characteristics of artificial eyelashes, the risks of applying eyelash, eyelash strength…

With all this information, Cyberlashes can Produce High Quality Eyelashes with absolute standards. Customers can pay large sums of money to use premium eyelashes. So that Cyberlashes needs to meet customers’ demands for premium lashes.

Hình ảnh (Cyber ​​Lashes is extremely strict when it comes to producing high quality eyelashes)

Customers need to pay attention when choosing Produce High Quality Eyelashes factory

On the market today, there are quite a few factories. This factory produces high quality eyelashes. So, customers have many options. However, we encourage customers to thoroughly research the eyelash factory before deciding to order the product. You need to find out:

– Does that eyelash factory produce the kind of artificial eyelashes that you want?

– Research carefully the process that eyelash factories Produce High Quality Eyelashes.

– Find out about materials that factory uses to make eyelashes.

Coming to Cyberlashes, customers can be assured of product quality. We produce high quality eyelashes in Taiwan and produce high quality eyelashes in Vietnam with absolute standards.

You can contact us on hotline: +84 937 588 258 to purchase or via email: for inquiries!

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