Delivery Policy

Cyberlashes Delivery Policy

Delivery policy and delivery time when you shop online at website

I. Contact and deliver up to 2 times

In case the first delivery is not successful, we contact us to arrange the 2nd delivery for you.

We will contact you within the next 24 hours (by phone or email).

In the event that you still cannot contact or receive any response from you, the order will be canceled.

II. Delivery Policy-Check the goods before receiving

At the time of receiving the goods, please check the status and quantity of products in your order. For pre-paid orders, please present your identification document (ID card or driver’s license, …) to receive the goods.

II. Delivery area

Cyberlashes will deliver to the countries where the cyberlashes’ shipping partner can deliver the goods to the customer.

4. Delivery time

Delivery time will be determined from the moment the customer completes the payment for the order.

Cyberlashes will contact the customer to let the customer know when it is expected that the item will be shipped to the customer’s address.

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