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19.99 $

Eyelash Essence – Real care, outstanding quality. Significantly effective after 7 days of use. The products are for customers with real eyelash care needs, customers with thin and weak eyelashes. Is the Eyelash Serum that helps the eyelashes grow stronger, up to 70% thicker, easy to use by the soft and small brush tip design. Helps lashes grow quickly within 7 days, especially suitable for customers with ingrown lashes.

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5.99 $

Eyelash Coating is a product exclusively for extensions, which enhances maximum durability. Products for customers with extensions, Salon extensions. Helps protect eyelashes from environmental agents, Enhances the strength of the seams, helps keep them strong. The product has eyelash nourishment, which makes the real eyelashes of the customer healthier and longer lasting

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10.99 $

Cleaning Foam is the right product for you to work in the eyelash profession from basic to advanced. In addition, customers can also use face wash at home. Cleaning Foam quickly remove make-up to save time, clean your eyelashes to remove bacteria, and clean your face.

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7.99 $

Protein Remove is a product used to clean eyelashes before connecting, removing oil on the eyelashes, enhancing the strength of the eyelashes.
Products that you make in your eyelash profession from beginner to advanced can be used. Protein Removal increases the bond between fake and real lashes. Help the glue dry faster. Eyeliner works faster and easier, especially when connecting volume.

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11.99 $

Gel Remove Eyelashes – Remove eyelashes super fast, save time. Products for professional eyelash extensions.

Gel for professional eyelash extensions, those who are skilled at working quickly. Especially use to remove difficult eyelashes due to glue, too much glue. The easy-to-absorb liquid gel on the glue joint helps to quickly remove the eyelashes, saving the time to remove the eyelashes and the amount of gel when removing the eyelashes.

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4.99 $

Cream Remove Eyelashes Non-spicy eyelash removal suitable for sensitive eyes and novice eyeliner
Cream Remove for all extensions. Cream Remove helps minimize the flow of wax into the eyes for newcomers as well as workers because the product is thick wax, or does not need to go to the salon to remove the eyelashes. Wax helps remove eyelashes quickly, does not cause irritation, is not spicy, does not burn if accidentally touches the skin.

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19.99 $

King Glue– The fastest drying eyelash glue available today

King Glue with a record fast drying time of 0.5 seconds is suitable for Master, long-time workers, professional high-speed eyelash extensions to help the eyeliner to complete the eyelash in the fastest time.

Your eyelash glue dries slowly, creating a fan that is pinched, with durable….

You have changed to using eyelash extensions from different brands but the situation has not improved much.

It’s time to end the pain of eyelash extensions that lasted through the years with Keo King Glue, the best new line of eyelash extensions.

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9.59 $

Premade Fan Camellia Eyelashes is a type of lashes with a special design of a pre-made lash fan with the number of fibers per lash fan at the request of the customer and more specifically, on the same lash fan but the length of the lashes is not equal to

For orders of more than 200 boxes or orders produced by customers’ private labels, we have special prices, factory prices. Contact us and leave information here

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