Cyberlashes Eyelash Factory

Cyberlashes Eyelash Factory

Cyberlashes Eyelash Factory

Cyber Lashes supplied SILK SUPER BLACK different lengths, curl and thickness:

Length: 7-17mm
Thickness: 0.05-0.25mm

Cyber Lashes use PBT synthetic to product eyelahs, sothat our eyelahs is strong and durable eyelash extensions. We proud to say that these eyelash extensions are the hottest trend on the market.
Using advanced manufacturing process single extension is curled and tapered to perfection creating a soft, light and silky masterpiece.
You and your clients will be impressed by the difference of Silk extensions.
SILK SUPER BLACK will guaranty retention, glamorous look and many happy clients

CyberLashes are the high-quality eyelashes factory in Taiwan and Vietnam, is the large and professional eyelash supplier, only providing genuine handmade eyelashes. Production of high-quality eyelash extension , eyelash glue, eyelash remover gel …- Receive OEM/ODM according to customer brand

CyberLashes is located at 13th Floor, No. 36, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City. As the economic, political and cultural center of Taiwan, Taipei is a large and potential market, which is why we set up offices and factories in this city.

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