Machining Eyelashes With Human Hair – Do You Know About The Way?

Do You Know About The Way Machining Eyelashes With Human Hair

Do you know about the way Machining Eyelashes with hair? It is very simple. You only need to prepare some ingredients and tools. Let’s start doing it with us!

Hair is the basic material that we can use in Machining Eyelashes. In the past, artificial eyelashes made from hair were quite popular. At the present time, there are many types of artificial eyelashes that you can choose from. However, the price of artificial eyelashes is not cheap. If you are not a professional makeup artist, you can completely machine eyelashes from your hair by yourself. By this way, you will save a lot of money. The way that you are machining eyelashes from the hair at home is quite simple. You can follow our article.

Why should we be machining eyelashes from hair?

Artificial eyelashes can be made from many different materials, for example hair, synthetic, acrylic, mink hair… However, hair is a natural material that we can easily have, easily machine eyelashes at home.

Not only that, the artificial eyelashes made from hair are also the most beautiful and shiny. Using artificial eyelashes made from hair, our eyes will become brighter and more impressive. To create artificial eyelashes at home, just prepare a few basic items and follow our instructions.

Hình ảnh (Artificial eyelashes can be processed from a variety of ingredients, especially hair)

Instructions for machining eyelashes made from hair

Cyberlashes’ Machining Eyelashes from hair guide is pretty simple. There are quite a few readers who have applied this method to machining eyelashes and use that eyelashes for a long time. So that, we hope, after Cyberlashes has shared this secret, you can make your own eyelashes at home.

The ingredients and tools you need to prepare

To Machining Eyelashes made from hair, first of all, you must prepare a number of ingredients and tools as below:

– Hair: You can cut a piece of your hair, its length is about 2-3 cm.

– One-sided tape, double-sided tape.

– Glue.

– Eyelid pattern.

– Pull.

– Specialized knife.

After preparing the above materials and tools, you just need to proceed with the machining eyelash steps that we share below.

The steps to Machining Eyelashes made from hair

It’s easy to Machining Eyelashes made from hair. All something you need to have is persistence and dexterity. If you have fully prepared the ingredients and tools, then Machining Eyelashes right away to own a great handmade product.

Hình ảnh (The machining eyelash process requires meticulousness from the operator)


you use the eyelid pattern that has been outlined in the shape of the eyelid. This eyelid pattern should match your eyelid pattern. Then, place it on a flat surface to mount your hair.

For hair, cut them into short strands to create artificial eyelashes. The length of the eyelashes will depend on your preference. Can you see the black part above the eyelid pattern? Apply glue on it and attach each strand of hair to it. The Machining Eyelashes process takes meticulousness because if you get it wrong once, you have to start again from the beginning. You can use a special adhesive clamp to perform the Machining Eyelashes. You should do this continuously until the eyelid pattern is covered by the hairs.


all the hair has been attached to the eyelid mold, we can use a specialized tool such as mascara to curl the eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes will curl and look more beautiful.

When Machining Eyelashes made from hair, you need to do it regularly and gently. Because, it makes the hair quickly cling to the eyelid pattern. After that, you just need to tidy up the excess to complete the artificial lashes. Everything is so simple, isn’t it?

Hình ảnh ( If you can’t make your own at home, you can purchase artificial eyelashes from the factory)

If you are not experienced in Machining Eyelashes made from hair, you can ask the help of a professional staff. This ensures that the artificial eyelashes that you have created look the best. Hopefully with this way of Machining Eyelashes made from hair, you can completely machine artificial eyelashes by yourself to make up your face.

However, if you feel that Machining Eyelashes seems too complicated and you can’t do it, choose Cyberlashes artificial eyelashes.

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Questions about Cyber Lashes as well as about our products

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