Mink eyelash production – No kill the animals in eyelash production

Do not beat and kill the animals to meet the mink eyelash production line

Cyberlashes is an eyelash factory. We don’t beat or kill weasels for their feathers. We only use high quality PBT Filament to meet the Mink Eyelash Production line.

Behind the curvy artificial eyelashes favored by women are weasels that have been brutally starved, beaten and killed. They are tortured to get the fur for the Mink Eyelash Production  line. Weasels are rare animals. In the past, this animal was on the list of animals in need of protection. However, since the artificial eyelash industry developed, especially when artificial eyelashes made from mink appeared, this animal has fallen into danger.

Mink is brutally skinned to meet the Mink Eyelash Production line

The curvy artificial eyelashes have been considered by many girls as a beauty step that cannot be ignored to have attractive eyes and a more beautiful face. To serve the needs of women, the artificial eyelash industry has been constantly evolving. Because of that, this industry has grown rapidly, becoming an extremely profitable business field.

Hình ảnh (The artificial eyelash industry is extremely growing and will develop even more in the future)

However, behind that need for beauty, the artificial eyelash industry has been repeatedly condemned by PETA’s Animal Rights Organization. Because the industry’s premium product often uses mink fur. That causes many animals to be brutally treated, beaten to have thin, light and black lashes.

According to PETA, artificial eyelash products made from mink hair around the world are still often labeled “100% cruelty free” or “harvested safely on the farm”, “products derived from falling hair after brushing the mink”.


In reality, weasels are kept in cramped farms and do not have adequate sanitation conditions. In addition, weasels are wild, have highly territorial animals. They can become very aggressive when we threaten them. In order to harvest their feathers easily, farms often keep a lot of weasels on a farm, without feeding and caring.

Harvesting mink feathers is not as gentle and simple as people think. Weasels will often be killed with gas, even electrocuted, and peeled skin to ensure the quality of the coat.

Hình ảnh (The weasels are mistreated for their hairs to meet the mink eyelash production lines of many factories)

Though, manufacturing facilities make sure that mink fur will fall off after each brushing. But very few people know that weasels are animals that are afraid of humans and do not need people to care and groom them.

Touching their body will scare them and make them become aggressive. This makes them experience continuous violence from fur workers.

In the end, most weasels end up tragically. They die with cruel and painful methods.

According to the PETA report, weasels are the animals that are skinned the most in the world to serve the fashion and beauty industries. Mink fur has a naturally beautiful, super light. The mink eyelashes products are very expensive but are still loved by many customers. Because, customers can use them for many years with good quality.

Hình ảnh (Many people still use mink lashes as a premium, quality product)

But also for that reason, weasels are in danger of extinction because of the need of many people. The European weasel is currently on the “particularly endangered” list in the IUCN Red Book. Currently, only less than 30,000 individuals remain in the wild.

Cyberlashes – Say no to abuse animal, especially weasels

At Cyberlashes, we do not manufacture mink fur products. We use PBT Filament to make artificial eyelash products. This is a high quality synthetic fiber, produced in Korea. Not only that, all products from Cyberlashes’ Mink Eyelash Production line have a clear origin. Cyberlashes does not abuse barbaric measures. We don’t beat or kill weasels. At Cyberlashes, there aren’t any artificial eyelashes made from animal hair, especially mink hair.

We understand that this animal is fastly becoming scarce and in need of protection. So that we do not use artificial eyelashes products made from mink hair. However, most of our products are very good quality. It is not inferior to the quality of artificial eyelashes made from mink hair.


we own a mink eyelash manufacturer in Taiwan and a mink eyelash manufacturer in Vietnam. These factories adhere to strict regulations on production methods and product quality.

Hình ảnh (Cyberlashes uses fallen mink hair to fill the mink eyelash production line)

Not only that, Cyberlashes do not support manufacturers that often use mink hair to meet the need of the mink eyelash production lines. We are implementing various campaigns to boost sales of the artificial mink eyelash production lines. The products made from PBT Filament have the same quality as those made from real mink hair. To change the usage habits of customers, Cyberlashes has continuously researched and improved its line of artificial mink eyelashes. We hope that when the quality of this eyelash line meets the standards, customers will use this product instead of the real mink eyelash product.

In addition to artificial eyelashes made from PBT Filament, Cyberlashes also owns many other product lines, such as silk eyelashes, eyelashes made from hair, eyelashes made from plastic, and eyelashes made from acrylic, eyelashes made of synthetic… We also provide customers with other accessories such as artificial eyelash glue, artificial eyelash cleaner… You can view more Cyber products. Lashes at website https://cyberlashes.com/.

Hình ảnh (Cyberlashes – Reputable mink eyelash factory, says no to kill, to reverse animals)

In addition

if you are looking for OEM mink eyelash manufacturer products, you can also buy them on our website because Cyberlashes is partnering with OEM to provide a wide range of products to the market. Our partnership is very good. During the partnership, Cyberlashes and OEM discovered a lot of new things in the artificial eyelash industry. Therefore, in the coming time, there will certainly be many interesting products launched by Cyberlashes and OEM. Let’s look forward to the values that we can bring to you!

We operate 9 hours a day, 6 days a week and are ready to assist you wherever you are. So if you want to buy from us or need an answer, contact us as soon as possible to get the answer right away!

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