Production Of Eyelashes – Some Popular Ingredients Are Used

Some Popular Ingredients Are Used In The Production Of Eyelashes

There are many ingredients that are commonly used in the Production Of Eyelashes. These materials will give them good quality artificial eyelash products.

Artificial eyelashes are one of the important makeup accessories today. In the past, this product has become popular and contributes a large part when we make your face more perfect. Artificial eyelashes will curl your lashes and make them more attractive and stand out.

You may not know, but artificial eyelashes have appeared about 100 years ago to serve the beauty needs of women. And up to now, this product has been greatly improved, possessing a more sophisticated, luxurious and flexible design. Currently, artificial eyelashes are widely used around the world. So, in this article, Cyber Lashes will share with you some ingredients that are commonly used

Production Of Eyelashes – Artificial eyelashes made of real hair

Surely, there have been many times you have wondered about the ingredients that manufacturers often use in the Production Of Eyelashes. In the last decade, many materials have been tested to create artificial eyelashes such as real hair, synthetic fibers, silk, mink hair or artificial mink hair… With modern, sophisticated technique and design, artificial eyelashes have made huge progress and are increasingly used more and more to meet makeup needs.

Hình ảnh (In the production of eyelashes, real hair is the basic ingredient and is often used)

One of the most commonly used ingredients in the production of eyelashes is real hair. In 1911, Anna Taylor – a Canadian woman received an American patent for artificial eyelashes. The raw material used in the Production Of Eyelashes at that time was human hair. Because the technology of producing wigs at that time also used real hair.

Therefore, artificial eyelashes factories took advantage of a similar method, using real hair in the Production Of Eyelashes. However, some problems occurred during the Production Of Eyelashes. Real hair has a natural straightness. That is really a weakness. It makes artificial eyelashes without a natural curl. In addition to real hair, during eyelash production, other ingredients can also be used to emulate the natural beauty of the eyelashes.

Hình ảnh (There are many ingredients that will be used in the production of eyelashes)

Production Of Eyelashes – Artificial eyelashes made of Plastic, synthetic, acrylic

The artificial eyelash industry is still growing over time. After real hair was used to create artificial eyelashes and became problematic, in 1950, several other ingredients were used in the Production Of Eyelashes. It is plastic, synthetic and acrylic.

Firstly, it can be said that plastic is a remarkable development in the eyelash industry. However, plastic is a material that exists for a quite short time. Factories quickly found other ingredients. These new ingredients are more preeminent and popular with more people. The materials that we are talking about are synthetic and acrylic. It can create better quality products in the eyelash making process. These products are safe for the eyes, lighter than real lashes, durable and comfortable for the user.

Not only that, it is also beautiful, shiny and more attractive than products made from plastic or real hair.

Hình ảnh (Instead of plastic, synthetic and acrylic were used more popular)

Artificial eyelashes made of silk

After a short while, synthetic and acrylic are replaced by other materials during the Production Of Eyelashes. About 30 years later, silk is a substitute material for synthetic and acrylic in the Production Of Eyelashes. In the opinion of many experts, silk has the best softness and durability. Although the artificial eyelashes made from silk will not be shiny but it offers quite a bit of flexibility to the user.

Users can use artificial eyelashes made from silk to create more beautiful artificial lashes.

With this material, artificial eyelashes will look natural and soft. However, the curvature of artificial eyelashes made of silk is not equal to that of artificial eyelashes made from synthetic fibers. Therefore, although artificial eyelashes made from silk were popular at that time, artificial eyelashes made from synthetic and synthetic fibers still existed and developed.

Hình ảnh (Artificial eyelashes made of synthetic, acrylic and silk were used simultaneously in the eyelash production lines at that time)

Artificial eyelashes made of mink hair

Since 2000, mink fur has been used as a key ingredient in the Production Of Eyelashes. Right from its debut, artificial eyelashes made from mink hair was loved by many people. It possesses great advantages, surpassing all previous artificial lashes. However, you may not know it, but weasels are rare animals. This animal is in need of protection.

The use of mink fur in the Production Of Eyelashes puts this animal in great danger. Many businesses have not stopped hunting this animal. Therefore, this animal was not protected and gradually fell into extinction. Although the artificial eyelashes made from mink hair are not recommended later, many people still use this product for personal beauty purposes.

Currently, the above artificial eyelashes are still widely used in the market. Different types of artificial lashes have its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for many choices of customers. You can choose the artificial eyelashes that you love and feel good.

Hình ảnh (Although artificial eyelashes made from mink hair are good, they should not be used too much)

Cyberlashes – Say no to illegal animal in production of eyelashes

We are a reputable eyelash factory, bringing customers the best quality products from safe ingredients. Currently, we have a manufacturer of eyelashes in Vietnam and a manufacturer of eyelashes in Taiwan. Both of these manufacturers use simple ingredients to make artificial eyelashes. Our products are specially formulated. Therefore, customers can rest assured. Although we do not use mink fur, the quality of Cyberlashes’ products is not inferior to products made from mink fur.

Besides, we are also partnering with OEM eyelash manufactures to create a special recipe. This formula can create the most perfect artificial eyelash products, far better than artificial eyelashes made from mink hair. However, we are still working on it and will definitely bring our customers great products as soon as possible.

Hình ảnh (Cyber Lashes will partner with OEM eyelash manufacture to create the best product)

Currently, Cyberlashes is still providing many other products for customers from artificial eyelashes to artificial eyelash cleaning solutions. You can refer to our products at the website and order early to get more deals from us!

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