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The Factories Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue Assess Product Quality

How do factories Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue evaluate product quality? The following criteria are used quite a lot by manufacturers to evaluate the quality of products.

Eyelash glue is not spicy, has good durability… are keywords that are searched a lot. This is extremely easy to understand. Eyelash glue is an important factor. It determines the durability of the eyelash extensions. Manufacturers that Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue use a system of criteria to assess product quality before selling to the market. What are these criteria? Join us to find out more carefully!

What are the criteria that factories Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue use to assess product quality?

Factories that Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue often evaluate product quality based on a variety of criteria, such as the dry speed of the eyelash adhesive, the durability of the eyelash glue, and the irritability of the eyelash glue, the origin of eyelash glue…

Provide Eyelash Glue

The drying speed of eyelash glue

Usually the eyelash glue will dry within 2 seconds after the beauty artist has applied it to the eyelids. Some high-quality eyelash glues dry very quickly. However, some low-quality eyelash glue will take 3 to 4 seconds to dry. Experienced beauticians will know how to choose fast drying eyelash glue. The fast drying speed eyelash glue will help the beautician save more time. Customers will also feel comfortable because they haven’t to wait too long.

The durability of eyelash glue

The good quality eyelash glue on the market today usually achieve quite an impressive durability, ranging from 5 weeks to 7 weeks. However, the durability of eyelash glues is not really good. Normally, the mainly composition of an eyelash glue is Cyanoacrylate. This composition will account for about 80% to 90%. This is the adhesive that directly affects the life of the eyelash extensions. In an eyelash glue product, the more it has Cyanoacrylate the more durable the eyelash extensions will be. However, it is also easy to cause allergies if, unfortunately, beauty professionals use them with clients who have overly sensitive eye areas.

eyelash glue factory
The durability of eyelash glue is one of the criteria that manufacturers provide good price eyelash glue use to assess the quality of a product.

The irritation ability of eyelash glue

As mentioned above, the higher the durability of eyelash glue has, the more side effects will occur in the client’s eye area, such as eye stinging, burning eye pain… People who have recently had eye surgery or an injured eye, are treating eye problems or are hypersensitive, are advised not to have eyelashes attached.

Origin of eyelash glue

Types of eyelash glue on the market today often originated from Korea. However, on the market today, there are also many kinds of fake eyelash glue, imitating famous brands. Most of these products are sourced from China. The poor quality eyelash glue with a high price is a common concern of many people today.

produce private label eyelash glue
The origin of a product is also very important when we judge the quality of a product

Who Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue in the market?

The more durable the eyelash glue is, the more spicy they are. Eyelash glue that does not cause eye irritation will not have good durability. So, is there an eyelash glue product that can meet both of these criteria? Cyberlashes is Providing Good Price Eyelash Glue in Taiwan and Providing Good Price Eyelash Glue in Vietnam. These products are loved and chosen by many customers. If you are wondering that no eyelash glue can meet both of the above criteria, check out Cyberlashes eyelash glue.

Currently, Cyberlashes is one of the prestigious units that many customers can choose from. Cyberlashes researches and manufactures a wide range of eyelash glues, such as Natural Glue, King Glue, Cyber Glue, Titan Glue… These products have won the hearts of customers. After trying a lot of eyelash glue on the market, many beauty professionals have yet to find a satisfactory product. However, they were satisfied when using Cyberlashes eyelash glue. It’s no surprise that Cyberlashes eyelash glue is a name that many people appreciate highly for its quality and effectiveness.

providing good price eyelash adhesive in Taiwan
Who provides good price eyelash glue in the market?

Maybe you do not know, but at present, Cyberlashes not only owns a system of extremely quality products but also has a team of talented and potential employees. Cyberlashes has more than 40 employees in Taiwan and Vietnam. With its 1000m2 factory, Cyberlashes can Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue with extremely good quality and quantity for customers. In the future, we will expand our factory in the domestic and foreign market. Our products will always meet the strict requirements of customers.

Currently, Cyberlashes not only Provide Good Price Eyelash Glue for us but also provide OEM eyelash glue at good price.

Therefore, customers have a wide variety of products to choose from.

To provide high-quality good price eyelash glue to our customers, we must use safe materials. Materials are full of safety inspection paper and carefully screened to ensure the quality of the output. The eyelash glue products are made by professional staff and eco-friendly PBT materials that are selected from Korea.

provide eyelash glue
Cyberlashes will be a great choice for customers who are looking to buy eyelash glue for a good price

Cyberlashes always strives to meet the rigorous requirements of our customers. Customer’s trust and satisfaction are great motivators. It helps us constantly improve and grow stronger. We pledge that we will bring to customers fast, dedicated warranty policies when customers encounter any product problems.

For each product, each service we provide, Cyberlashes has specific warranty provisions in order to bring the most practical benefits and ensure the interests of customers.

Cyberlashes also manufactures and supplies good quality eyelash glue for customers. Our ordering method is quite simple.

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